How to Write SAT Essay Like a Pro

The abbreviation Scholastic Assessment Test demonstrates a unified test, which is used to assess the knowledge received by students who graduate from a secondary school and implies the acquaintance with all subjects at the level of the US secondary school. So, let’s find out what is the SAT essay.

It's aimed at testing what you "learned in high school" and "what you need to succeed in college." In other words, the purpose of SAT is to confirm that you have the skills in reading, writing, and mathematics that are considered necessary for a college student. Use this SAT essay guide to succeed. Follow the expert recommendations below and forget about SAT challenges.

Is the SAT essay important? Well, it might determine your fate. Of course, it's important. Don't expect that the SAT essay is just an ordinary college writing assignment. It shows whether you're ready to go to campus and write. It's the best opportunity to prove it!

And in order to cope best with SAT essay writing, let us provide you with the definition of scholastics.

That is the dominant trend in medieval philosophy, whose representatives considered it their task to substantiate theoretically the dogmas of the Christian religion. It is contributed to the development of formal and logical analysis and had a decisive influence on the content and methods of all medieval education, especially university education.

Being a peculiar system of thinking, scholasticism, with all its dogmatism and casuistry, encouraged those who are engaged in scrupulous analysis of texts recognized by the church of the authors, developed the ability to formally logically think and accustomed to the accuracy of the expression of thoughts.

How to Prepare for SAT Essay: Detailed Instructions

First of all, here's some secret advice.

  • Stick to the formal style and remember about objectivity. You aren' t asked about the point of view on the subject.
  • Practice SAT essay and develop your own and unique style. Due to that, you will be able to write like for the Atlantic Monthly or the New York Times. Even if your grammar is perfect, but your style is on the decline, you might lose those precious points.
  • Remember that standard composition frame: the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Well, that is exactly what you need, as the SAT acceptance commission loves it!
  • Use more examples, quotes, and statistics to prove the statement more effectively and show your understanding of the topic.
  • And, finally, read more. Check out some books on how to write concisely, how to use fewer words instead of more, put power into your sentences and arrange them properly.

SAT Introduction and Thesis Statement

Keep in mind that it's the first ever impression your grader will have of you. Don't move straight to discussing arguments and examples. Your introduction should stare at the author's claim. Here's a vivid example of an introduction:

Not many people notice the lack of actual obscurity at night. With this in mind, Paul Bogard, the author of " Let There Be Dark," persuades the audience, that we're losing natural obscurity and it needs to be protected.

SAT Main Body

Answering a question how to write SAT essay, you should know that it is necessary to do it more convincing, make sure to include details and examples, based on the techniques used by the author. It's important to include an explanation for each example to clarify how it's relevant to the thesis. In each paragraph you have to explain these points according to the three devices that you chose:

  • Identify the device.
  • Link the device to the passage.
  • Explain why the author used the link.
  • Explain how the device is persuasive.

SAT Conclusion

Let’s analyze the example:

Bogard’s claims that natural obscurity needs to be protected is supported throughout "Let There Be Dark." Specifically, Bogard presents his argument to the reader by using stories from the past, statistics and cause, and effect reasoning.

SAT Essay Format Requirements

As it was previously mentioned in that article, an old-school five-paragraph essay is a win-win option. Even when you're under pressure, you have to keep going and stay organized. It should have an introduction, 2-3 paragraphs, and a conclusion. In that case, it would be unnecessary to use any new SAT essay format.

SAT Essay Topics to Focus On

Speaking about the SAT essay topics, it should be said that you will never know what to be prepared for. Just develop your logical thinking, use common sense and try to show all your knowledge and abilities. However, some examples may include:

  • Show how you understand the concept of loyalty;
  • Prove that democracy is the best way to protect your rights;
  • Is the politics as real as they want us to think about it?
  • Prove that the tolerance is alive in our world;
  • How can the categorical imperative be applied in real life?

Follow our detailed guidelines and be ready to impress the commission with your competence and writing skills.