What Is ToK: Writing Guide + Topics

If you want to stand out when participating in the well-known IB Diploma Programme, then, first of all, you should find out what is tok. That is a really serious piece of writing, which differs from all previous kinds of academic papers you have written before. The responsible approach is of the utmost importance if you plan to get a high score for your essay, which is not optional but obligatory for everyone.

Be prepared to spend much time learning how to write a good theory of knowledge essay because it makes the 2/3 part of your overall assessment result. Taking this into account, you should discover which distinctive features this kind of essay has. Check the requirements in order to meet all of them to the full extent. Let's get started!

What Is the Theory of Knowledge

Before you start writing your essay, you should make sure that you know the answer to the question “What is the theory of knowledge?” It may seem that this is a philosophical question. However, the exact theory of knowledge definition really exists. Knowledge is the information received in a certain way and ordered, which, with a different degree of reliability and objectivity, reflects certain properties of the existing reality in the mind of a person.

The main aim of the course on the theory of knowledge is to check how you perceive and use knowledge and how you can connect different spheres of knowledge. When writing your ToK essay, you will have to choose one of the given titles and demonstrate the best writing skills and your excellent ability to use your knowledge on the particular topic.

In order to assure that you understand the ToK meaning the right way, study several well-written papers. If having a highly-evaluated sample in front of you, you'll increase your chances to meet all requirements by completing a brilliant work.

Tok Essay Requirements and Guidelines

Before you get started, you should get acquainted with the TOK essay requirements. Check them to avoid any possible errors when working on your paper.

  • Write within a certain tok essay word limit. That is one of the major rules following which influences the results a lot. Count tok words keeping in mind that the text must be not less than 1200 words and not more than 1600 words. If you don't meet this requirement writing much less or exceeding the word limit, you risk getting a lower score for the inability to follow the requirements and expressing your thoughts within a certain text volume.
  • Stick to the logical format. You should structure your essay well writing it in a clear and concise manner. It is crucial to present the logical connections between the paragraphs of your essay.
  • Write an essay strictly on the given topic. Many students think that nothing wrong will happen if they change the issue a bit. No, don't do this! Otherwise, your essay may be not evaluated at all if it doesn't correspond to one of the given titles.
  • Check whether you know how to format citations and the list of bibliography. Sure, in the process of writing an essay you are allowed to check what other people think of the same topic you have chosen. It is not forbidden to use ideas of other writers if you don't present them as your own. Only the properly cited sources of information won't be considered plagiarism.
  • Be persuasive presenting arguments, which you should include in your essay. You are supposed to provide both arguments and counterarguments. In the end, you should write a powerful conclusion.
  • Consider various types of getting knowledge and show an ability to analyze their interconnection. Remember that your analytical thinking skills are going to be checked.

Follow the above theory of knowledge guide and have a look at the interesting topics for an essay. It is a good idea to pick one of them and do your best to practice following the requirements of the IB Programme.

Tok Presentation Topic: Top-10 Smart Ideas

  1. What does the term “high-quality knowledge” mean?
  2. The knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the modern era.
  3. The capabilities of knowledge management systems.
  4. The knowledge management technology.
  5. The role of the knowledge in looking for effective problems' solving.
  6. Keeping only implicitly formulated knowledge and independent access to it can create a more effective means of delivering knowledge.
  7. The best ways of sharing knowledge.
  8. The connection of history and the theory of knowledge.
  9. The most helpful tools for the knowledge evaluation.
  10. How can a person measure the changes in the level of knowledge through life?

You should bear in mind that after you have finished writing an obligatory ToK essay, the Board expects that you will present your paper. The success is guaranteed if you do this the right way. You can count on getting a high score if your paper is well-structured, logical, original, and entertaining. Don't forget that it must meet all the requirements! Plunge into different areas of knowledge to present the smart essay that won't leave anyone indifferent!