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What to do if I haven't the slightest idea of how to write my research proposal?

In order to write the best research proposal, firstly, you need to understand its purpose. So, the main aim of a research proposal is to define whether studying of a particular topic is relevant and what are the ways of its examination. In the research proposal, you can find lots of literature reviews, because it is exactly what your research could be based on, and it has to convince the reader that what you choose is worth being studied. Your proposal in a certain way describes the future research, its relevance and importance. Three main questions that may help you with creating a research proposal are:

  • What are you planning to study?
  • Why do you want to study exactly this issue?
  • What research methods do you have on your mind?

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Like any other paper you hand in at school, the research proposal is organized and has particular structure and rules of writing. You should start, as always, with an Introduction, where you have to tell about the importance of your work, define the central problem of the research and various problem-related aspects of the study. Also, in the introduction, you should mention the methods you use while analyzing problems of your research.

The second part is about background and significance. Here you explain the purpose and the problem of your research in details, describing in depth everything you've mentioned in the introduction part. Consider telling more about the approaches you take to examine the main problems and how you are going to conduct your research. Also, it is important to set Boundaries of your research mentioning those things you wont take into consideration. If you think it could be important, you might also include some terms and definitions as well. Then goes the actual literature review. Here you write about some reference books and works, that may help you with your own research. You can cite some scientists, contrast different theories and ideas and even criticize particular literature. But one thing you should keep in mind all the mentioned books have to be connected with your future research. And if you order research proposal online at, you can be sure that we will pick only relevant material.

After that, you should write about your research design and its methods. This is one of the most important stages while writing a research proposal, thats why it must be perfectly organized and explained. At this stage, you havent started the research itself, but your task is to convince the reader that your work is worth the attention and has substantial significance. At this point we want to mention that offering our customers help with research proposal, we use only reliable information, accurate facts and the best reference books. So your custom proposal research would definitely have a well-founded basis. Then you may describe your suppositions concerning the future research, some facts that could have an influence on its process and possible problems you can face with. You can add some suggestions and describe the meaning of the research results as well.

And of course, the main part of every proposal research is a conclusion. This section shouldn't be very long, but here you have to write about the importance and relevance of the research in short. All the explanation should be based only on reliable information and sound convincing.

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