How to Write a Book Review like a Pro

Like any paper, a review has its structure, peculiarities, and rules, following which will help you succeed with this task. In the beginning, applying all the requirements doesn’t seem to be much of a problem, but it still demands attention. Like any piece of writing imaginable, methods of how to write a book review or a movie one call for practice and understanding of the basic stuff, like structure and style.

Any Tips on How to Write My Book Report and Make It Perfect?

Our first advice on book review writing is — don’t panic. Honestly, book reports are not as complicated as you might think they are.

One of the most important parts of writing a book review is material gathering. Make a research on the time when the book was written, learn more about the author and their life — it can help you highlight some interesting details, which possibly could have influenced the book and its plot. Define the genre and style (it can be formal, informal, etc.) And, before the actual writing, you need to think about the central idea of the book and what the author wanted us to explore. Then, you have to decide if you agree or disagree with the author and his opinions and views.

  • Before starting your work on the review, it is recommended to make a list of questions and arguments you want to mention in your article.
  • Be honest and express your thoughts clearly. It is quite important for you to be understood by the reader of your future review. That’s why it is better to avoid complicated sentences and try to describe all your points of view straightforwardly.
  • Write about the actual book. Sometimes while working on a book review, a writer can be dragged into his own thoughts and dreams about the perfect piece of literature, and it is quite a common mistake. Therefore, don’t try to idealize the book you have read and write your honest thoughts.
  • Fictional characters should also be involved. Having written about the author in your book report, don’t forget about the characters from the book. Write about how good and detailed they were written (or not), what emotional arcs they had, and what message conveyed. Was it interesting to read about them?
  • Solidify your position. Remember, at the end of your report, you have to make a conclusion that should be reasonable and logical enough to support your standpoint.

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Need to Write a Movie Review? We Can Do That as Well

Despite the fact that a movie review is similar to book one, it has its own peculiarities. Although the conclusion is almost identical, you just have to decide if the movie was good or not, the structure of your review will be a little bit different. For example, besides the plot, time, and circumstances, you have to pay more attention to the characters. Have the actors coped well with their roles? Were the characters interesting visually? Also, it is imperative to mention the work of the screenwriter and director, as well as cinematographer, etc. Does the movie flow seamlessly, or does it have moments that are dull and unnecessary? Was the main theme served well or remained unexplored?

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